Ok guys, so this is probably the latest blog post I have ever done but once I finally had time to type it up and work on it, it was Christmas so I thought I would save it for closer to summer, a more appropriate time. So here it is all about my trip to Florida.


So for my 21st birthday (last September, oops) I jetted off to Florida with my boyfriend for 11 days of fun in the sun. After deciding that was where I wanted to go we started looking into it all and found an amazing deal with Virgin Holidays.

First of all may I say flying long haul with Virgin is an absolute dream, yes you get movies like most other airlines and yes you get drinks and food but on other airlines do you get FAB ice lollies and love heart sweeties? I doubt it! I was like a little kid watching all my favourite movies eating my ice lolly! Continue reading

Back to Black, Not That I Ever Left

Just a short post today as my dissertation is still taking over my life! I’ll be back full time soon though!

Ok so it may be Spring and getting closer and closer to summer but that doesn’t mean you need to give up the lovely colour that is, black! Thought i’d share with you all my favourite black pieces that you can get online right now and can easily be worn from now through summer, especially the lovely ‘summers’ we get here in the UK.

Continue reading

Where have I been?

So its now been about a month since I last posted, not through choice. My life has been a hectic mess for the last month and a bit as I have been learning exactly what fourth year is all about. The level of work that is expected has gone through the roof along with the amount of work I actually have and I understand this is because its my final year but there is a limit of how much work we can have? surely? For anyone who doesn’t know I do International Fashion Branding at uni and as much as I love it no one ever told me i’d be having to write essays on subjects such as Globalisation. Anyway enough ranting I have finally managed to get back into swing of things so my next post is coming soon…….






P.S if i’m not managing to blog I am still instagramming my latest latest purchases and what i’m wearing so head over and follow me; @alicerosie93 !!


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